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The upper Midwest’s
go-to company for fast,
accurate inventories

Instant Inventory Service provides trusted inventory counting and verification services to pharmacies and other retail stores in Minnesota and the surrounding states. We have a reputation for being fast, flexible, friendly and—above all—accurate. Our experienced team and custom-built software enable us to conduct your inventory in less time, with fewer auditors and minimal interruptions, allowing you to focus on your customers. And, we provide immediate inventory results, whether it’s a printed report or electronic data.


Why outsourcing your inventory costs less

Doing your own inventory might sound like the best approach until you factor in the full cost of inexperienced labor, inefficient processes and inaccurate results. Our experienced auditors, specialized equipment, efficient processes and certified results provide a higher return on your investment every time.

What clients say about
our inventory service

“The team at Instant Inventory Service is professional, thoughtful, thorough, and extremely accurate. They use cutting-edge counting techniques that our finance team and internal and external audit teams have vetted. Knowing we can rely on them to provide top-notch inventory counting and verification services relieves the stress of verifying our inventories. They’ve counted our Medical Supply Stores, Gift Shops, Pharmacies and Central Pharmacy inventories, often arriving well before 6:00 am. and staying until we were completed. They’ve also come in on holidays, weekends or whenever we need them. They’re very dependable and a pleasure to work with.”

Robert Scrimshaw

Finance Analyst supporting Mayo Clinic Pharmacies and Stores

“Instant Inventory Service is the best in the business! We have been using their service for over 20 years and continue to be impressed by their professionalism and experience. We can always count on them for accurate inventory counts and detailed reports. Gary, Jen, Amy, and Rob are all a pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing them each year. Highly recommend!”

Leslie Zimmerman

Accountant, Hub Hobby Center, Inc.

“IIS is great to work with. They are in and out quickly with little disruption. I’m always amazed how easy it is to have them in the stores. Getting the preliminary report as they leave is a nice perk as well.”

Scott Benson

Registered Pharmacist, Goodrich Pharmacy

“I would highly recommend IIS when you want your inventory done right the first time. They’re very easy to work with and flexible finding a time that works best for my business schedule. When doing inventory for a new client, especially a liquor store, there’s always a chance things can get messed up when dealing with A LOT of sku’s. They come in with a plan and are done and ready in time for me to open for business at 11 a.m.”

Andy Schmidt

Former Owner Pixie Liquors

Pharmacy inventories are
just the tip of what we do

  • Liquor stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Nutrition stores
  • Hobby stores
  • Gift shops
  • Hardware stores
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Specialty stores
  • Warehouses

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