We know your pharmacy
products and it shows.

There’s a reason we conduct our pharmacy inventories faster and with fewer auditors than other providers. Our experienced team knows your products and the best ways to approach your pharmacy inventory.

Instant Inventory is the trusted choice by leading medical facilities in Minnesota and the surrounding states. Here’s why:

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Our experienced team

Each person on our team has over 15 years of inventory experience.

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Our product knowledge

Our pharmacy experience enables us to make quick distinctions between products and package sizes, increasing our speed and our accuracy.

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Our efficient process

Our experienced team and our customized software allow us to complete your store, warehouse or distribution site inventory faster and more accurately.

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Our stealth presence

We’re less intrusive, and we prevent interruptions by doing our own price checks if a product in your pharmacy doesn’t have a price.

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Types of inventories we provide

We can provide one of the following inventories or a hybrid of financial/itemized.

Standard inventories

We can provide either the net value or the retail value for your inventory. We’re adept at using cost codes or profit margins to determine the net value. When you choose a standard inventory, or your totals can be separated into product categories, for a more granular look at your assets.

Itemized inventories

Itemized inventories can yield inventory valuation as well as data that can be uploaded into your specific POS system. We use either NDC, UPC or wholesaler item numbers to collect the data.

Unit dose inventories

Unit dose inventories provide the most accurate inventory as we count the contents of each open bottle. Unit dose inventories can yield inventory valuation as well as data that can be uploaded into your specific POS system.

A system that ensures accuracy and detailed results

We can work directly with your wholesalers to get the electronic files we need to conduct your itemized inventory. This information is never shared with other parties. Having your database on our handheld devices provides us with detailed information about the item (product name, size, cost, etc.) when we scan or key in the NDC or UPC number.

We are HIPAA compliant.

Any information we collect from your site will not be shared with any third party without your written consent.

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Our five-step inventory process



We conduct your inventory at a time that works best for you, using the inventory method of your choice. Our software can be tailored to product breakdown and categories, giving you the most valuable results for your business.



Our custom software flags large quantities and high dollar values, which we verify are accurate.

Field report


When the inventory is completed, we provide immediate results before we leave via a printed report or electronic file—or both. We also compare the results to previous inventories to uncover any variances.



Afterwards, we conduct a review of the report against the electronic file to ensure all numbers are accurate.

Certified report


The final results are presented in a bound report that is certified and notarized.

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Instant Inventory Pricing

Our rates are based on a number of factors, such as the type of inventory, the size of your store, how frequently you conduct inventories, and more. We’re happy to visit your store and provide you with a complimentary quote.

Request a complimentary quote or schedule an inventory.